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The Good Stuff

Video above - This is how we do it Be Better Balms - this is hot oil infusion of lemon balm. We harvest the lemon balm from our property, dehydrate the fragrant leaves to ensure no mould forms in the final product, then we gently simmer sweet almond oil and the dehydrated lemon balm for 4 hours (hot infusion). This video shows the stage where we strain the infused lemon balm oil. The beautiful green infused oil is now ready to be used to make our Coco-Mint Lip Balm. 

Look no further – our products tick all the boxes!

Be Better Balms are:

  • All natural (no nasties like parabens, sulphates, preservatives or artificial fragrances)
  • Vegan - all the balms are plant based

vegan skincare victoria australia

  • Ethical – using ethically sourced ingredients and not tested on animals

ethical skin care australia

  • Sustainable – using sustainable ingredients and eco-friendly packaging
  • Handcrafted on the Mornington Peninsula Victoria Australia from SEED TO SKIN - We grow our own herbs on our property in the Mornington Peninsula. These beautiful herbs are then hand harvested at the optimal time, infused (hot or cold infusion) and used to make our range of Be Better Balms, aimed at aiding everyday ailments including rashes, burns, cuts, aches and pains, dried skin, headaches and more.

At Be Better Balms, we want to empower YOU, our valued customer to understand what you are putting on your skin without needing to have a Chemistry degree…

We use natural ingredients, with focus on using our own herbs which we grow on our property in Mornington Peninsula, in combination with various natural ingredients that are sourced as locally as possible.  

Our balms are formulated with ingredients that are each carefully chosen for a SPECIFIC THERAPEUTIC PURPOSE

herbs for natural skincare

So here is a list of THE GOOD STUFF – the ingredients we use and WHY WE USE THEM!


Herbal Infusions with Sweet Almond Oil -

almonds for your skin

Sweet Almond oil is highly nourishing for the skin. We use Sweet Almond oil as the basis for all our herbal infusions. Depending on the specific herb, we prepare the infusion either by gently heating the herbs and Almond oil for a few hours (hot infusion), or by immersing the herb in the Almond oil for 4-6 weeks in a sunny, warm position (cold infusion) – these methods release the herb’s therapeutic properties into the Almond oil.

Our Herbal infusions include:

Sweet Almond Oil infused with Bay leaves (Laurus nobilis)

 bay leaf

 We use this infusion for our Pain Balm – Bay is a wonderfully warming herb that help boost circulation, warm the muscles and joints and help ease pain and discomfort.

Did you know? Adding Bay leaves when you cook is a great way to help the body digest food and increase absorption of vitamins and minerals from the food. 


Sweet Almond Oil infused with Chickweed (Stellaria media)

 chickweed for rashes

 We use this infusion for our Rash+Sores Balm  – Chickweed is often overlooked and seen as an annoying weed, but it has some amazing medicinal properties and is very effective at helping to relieve irritated skin conditions like eczema and promote wound healing. 

Did you know? Chickweed is also a tasty and nutritious vegetable packed with Vitamin C. 


Sweet Almond Oil infused with Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis)

 aloe vera leaf

We use this infusion for our Burn Balm – Aloe vera is packed with cooling properties to help relieve pain, hydrate the skin & accelerate healing.

Did you know? Aloe Vera has been used for thousands of years - it’s said that Alexander the great went to war to conquer Socotra islands because Aloe vera was growing there. Cleopatra used Aloe Vera as part of her beauty regime and in more modern times, Aloe Vera has been used to treat radiation burns.


Sweet Almond Oil infused with Native Australian River Mint (Mentha Australis) 

river mint native Australian mint

 We use this infusion for our Foot Balm and Cold & Cough Balm – we are very proud to use this Native Australian HERO INGREDIENT, packed with menthol to help improve circulation, cool and calm aching feet. The high quantity of menthol also helps to clear nasal passages and congestion.

Did you know? Australian River mint is found across South Eastern Australia in moist forests and around waterways. Indigenous Australians also used this herbs for medicinal purposes. http://www.outbackpride.com.au/products/dried-herbs/native-river-mint


Sweet Almond oil infused with Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis)

 rosemary for the skin

 We use this infusion for our Sports Balm  and Bug away Balm - Rosemary is known as a warming, tonic remedy that eases tight muscles and stimulates circulation to aid muscle recovery. Also, There is something about the woody scent of Rosemary that mosquitoes (in addition to cabbage moths and carrot flies) really don’t like! That’s why we chose to include our super potent Rosemary infusion to keep the bugs away!

Did you know? Ros  means dew and Mary come from marine – the ocean, as Rosemary grows wild on the shores of the Mediterranean sea and its smell travels along the seashore. 


Sweet Almond oil infused with Mint (Mentha X Piperita) 

 mint from the garden

 We use this infusion for our Shave Balm - Mint has high levels of Menthol. Menthol is a great cleanser and has a cooling effect on the skin, helping to nourish delicate or irritated skin. 

Did you know? Mint infused oil makes an excellent chest rub for respiratory infections. 


Sweet Almond oil infused with Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia)

 lavender infusion

 We use this infusion for our Body BalmPreggy Balm and Calm Balm  – Lavender is a gentle yet very effective herb - it is a strong antiseptic, pain reliever and aids healing of the skin. It also helps calm the nervous system.

Did you know? Lavender comes from the latin word Lavare which means to wash. In ancient Rome, people used to wash their clothes in Lavender water. 


Sweet Almond oil infused with Calendula (Calendula Officinalis)

 calendula for sensitive skin

 We use this infusion for our Burn Balm , Rash+Sores Balm and Bub Balm  – Calendula is above all a remedy for the skin - it is antiseptic, antimicrobial, antifungal...anti anything! but in a good way....so it's the herb of choice for burns, cuts and irritated skin. 

Did you know? there is a superstition that says that when you pick calendula, it will bring a thunderstorm...so be careful next time you pluck a flower....
Sweet Almond oil infused with Lemon Balm (Melissa Officinalis
lemon balm for cold sores
Lemon balm is a wonderful herb – it calms the mind, promotes circulation and is a great anti-inflammatory, especially for cold sores – applying lemon balm infusion in the early stages of a cold sore can help prevent it from developing further so including this infused oil in our coco mint lip balm will keep your lips supple and healthy.

Did you know? Melissa is the Greek word for honey bee, as the plant is well liked by bees for its nectar…. 


Sweet Almond oil infused with Rose (Rosa Species).  

 rose for the skin

We use this infusion for our French vanilla lip balm and perfume balm. Rose is highly hydrating, toning and healing. the delicate fragrant flowers are packed with Vitamins A and C and other antioxidants and are used to soothe, protect and improve the appearance of the skin.

Did you know? A bunch of roses was found in the tomb of ancient Egyptian Tutankhamun, possibly placed there by his young wife…..


Sweet Almond oil infused with Parsley (Petroselinum crispum)

We use this infusion for our Facial Balm. Parsley is packed with antioxidants, especially Vitamins A and C. It helps to clear toxins and keep your skin super smooth.

Did you know? Romans used to wear garlands of parsley, believing that it would stop them from becoming intoxicated…


Coconut oil 

 coconut oil for your skin

Coconut has a beautiful aroma, but it also deeply hydrates the skin and is packed with antioxidants and antibacterial properties to nurture and soothe the skin.  

Did you know? You may have seen coconut sold in a liquid form - this form is a refined version and many of the beneficial ingredients in coconut oil are removed from the liquid form, for example Lauric acid. So always try and buy the usual coconut oil that is solid, and melts only when it's warm. 

Shea Butter


 shea butter


Shea Butter is a vegetable butter extracted from the nuts of the Shea tree which grows in Africa. It is a wonderful natural moisturiser for the skin and is packed with essential fatty acids and vitamins to promote skin healing.

Did you know? The collection of the Shea nuts is traditionally done by women in small communities. We make sure that the Shea Butter we source is extracted under the Fair Trade Agreement, meaning that the communities are not exploited and are fairly compensated for their work.


Cocoa Butter

cocoa nutter fair trade  

Cocoa butter is a plant fat that is extracted from cocoa beans. With its lovely cocoa aroma, cocoa butter has a rich blend of fatty acids and natural antioxidants and is an excellent moisturizer that melts at body temperature, leaving the skin feeling soft & silky smooth.

Did you know? 100 grams of Cocoa Butter has 900 Calories. So although it’s very healthy to eat, in moderation if you please…


Arnica Infused Oil

 arnica for the skin

Arnica is a flowering plant from the daisy family that is native to Europe and Siberia but also grows in North America, especially in mountainous regions. The flowers are packed with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, thus making Arnica infused oil very effective in helping to reduce bruising and soreness.

Did you know? We use Arnica Montana which is the Alpine Arnica Variety. This alpine plant grows in meadows up to 3,000 feet above sea level. The higher the altitude, the more aromatic the flowers are.


Candelilla Wax

 candelilla wax vegan

 The Candelilla wax comes from the stems of this leafless shrub that grows in the wild. The stems are covered in wax. The plants are cut and left in the sun to dry. Afterwards they are boiled out in water and the wax is skimmed off from the surface. It is highly moisturising and rich in nutrients.

Did you know? Candelilla wax is the ideal VEGAN alternative to beeswax. This is one of the reasons we use it for our Be Better Balms range.



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