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Safety first

Top Quality is our focus at Be Better Balms 


fresh produce from the garden

Be Better Balms are:

Formulated by Ally Marsh (BSc) - I studied Chemistry, Nutrition and herbal manufacturing (University of Otago and SSNT) in addition to family knowledge and practices that have been passed on to me. I have been making natural skin care for the past 15 years including the Nature’s Formula range that is available at www.naturesformula.com.au and my recent 'baby' - Be Better Balms


Ally Marsh


Handcrafted using our unique seed to skin  process


 seed to skin process skincare


Green Chemistry - at Be Better Balms we are promoting ingredients that are safe for you and safe for the environment.

At Be Better Balms, we design green, safe, natural skincare.

All our products are formulated and handcrafted by Ally Marsh, a natural cosmetic chemist at our artisan quality controlled lab on the Mornington Peninsula


shave balm


Our balms include freshly picked herbs that are grown on our property in addition to raw materials sourced through reputable local suppliers such as  Aromatic Ingredients . Be Better Balms are All Natural - (no nasties like parabens, sulphates, preservatives or artificial fragrances)

 mint from the garden



Using ethical practices - cruelty free range and vegan 


all natural plant based vegan skincare


Using sustainable practices - including our eco friendly packaging and sustainable garden practices including seed saving, foraging and closed-loop systems. 


foraging for weeds chickweed



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