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 happy customer be better balms reviews

We love to hear feedback from our valued tribe of customers!

Here's what some of them had to say about our Be Better Balms range 


Bub Balm

What a lovely product!

By: Marie C on 9 August 2018

As a new mother it is not always easy to choose the right product for bub. With Be Better Balm Bud Balm I feel reassured that I am putting only the very purest ingredients on baby's bum. The balm has a lovely texture, smell and feel. I highly recommend it!


baby balm with calendula oil


Perfume Balm - 

By: Fi on 7 December 2018 

I love this perfume. It smells beautiful…I feel like I have a little bit of summer in my bag. It’s also lovely knowing that is it made with all natural ingredients and has no hidden chemicals.


The best botanical perfume I’ve used!

Ally’s expertise in ethical botanical and herbal skincare adds extra charm to this Mornington Peninsula based brand. You certainly gain appreciation for the magic behind the scenes as Ally cultivates and infuses each ingredient herself. 

I am a repeat customer of the online store and markets and my absolute favourite products (so far) are the perfume and facial balms.

I receive loads of compliments for the perfume and it acts also as my preferred calming oil during my yoga practise. The facial balm is also worth checking out, it’s equally as aromatic.


Just Beautiful - Perfume Balm 

By: Rachel Matthews on 30 November 2018

Thankyou for making real perfume that not only smells so divine, it’s all natural and safe for our health. It’s a joy to wear this scent every day. I highly recommend Be Better Balms


Amazing- Perfume Balm 

By: Home of Health on 6 February 2019

The most amazing  natural perfume EVERRRRR!!!


An amazing product - Coco-mint lip balm 

By: Hayley on 4 February 2019

Simply the best balm I've ever used! I suffer badly from cold sores and being a stall holder at markets I often suffer sunburn and windburn more often than not. I bought this lip balm at the Mornington Racecourse market and it saved me and my lips. Thank you for an amazing product!

Lovely Lip Balm!

By: Eileen on 18 December 2018

Thanks for such a swift delivery of our balms today! Particularly wanted to say how much the staff love the Coco-Mint Lip Balm. The spearmint really comes through and combines with the coco to make it really refreshing. It seems like a little bit goes a long too! We'll be sure to recommend this one to our spa clients.

 all natural vegan lip balms


 Pain Balm amazing

By: Vickie Greed on 28 August 2018

l contacted Ally about my arthritis in both hands and wrist, she messaged me straight back with the link to Better Balm and said that she had been using it for her arthritis. l also wanted something natural so ordered some. As soon as my pain starts l apply the balm and within about 5 -10 minutes pain is easing and the container is small enough to pop in your handbag for when you’re away.Would highly recommend Ally and her Balms.


Pain Balm amazing!

I am absolutely loving the pain balm. I’ve had so much surgery over the last 9 years (mostly hips and I’m 32 years old) and I’ve been rubbing this in every night and I love it!
I will be purchasing more except I will be getting the bigger size.
Thank you so much for your wonderful product! 



Luxurious Calm Balm

By: Helen Wolfe on 22 November 2018

I love this gorgeous balm. It is part of my bedtime relaxation ritual and I also rub some onto bites or bruises.


Beautiful, so calming - Calm Balm 

By: Lee on 2 October 2018

I love this, I use it on my baby and toddler all the time. Perfect when things are a little crazy, just rub on their feet or back. Nice bit of quiet time.


Simply Brilliant! - Calm Balm 

By: Louise Lupton on 22 August 2018

The calm balm is absolutely fantastic. I work full time and am always on the go - rubbing some balm around my neck and shoulder area before bed has helped me drift off to sleep so much quicker. I also carry it in my handbag and will apply some throughout the day. It smells divine. I would highly recommend this product.


Calm Balm

By: Momentum Massage & Sports Therapy on 21 August 2018

The Calm Balm is the peoples choice of my clients in the Studio I think this has great texture and wonderful aroma.



Foot Balm

By: Katie on 18 December 2018

The foot balm is the best foot treatment I've ever tried. It's so moisturising and you can feel that it's really hydrating your skin. Love the smell as well. Fantastic product.


 mint from the garden mint for health


Melted into my skin – Body Balm

By: Lee on 2 October 2018

I used this yesterday on my sunburn and it was so nice just melted into my skin and have not felt any pain from the burn. Love it.



By: Sophie C on 9 August 2018

The Be Better Body Balm has become a must in my everyday skin care routine. It really has a nurturing, long lasting, moisturising quality. It is easily absorbed and therefore doesn't leave a greasy effect. I like that it is made from local, organic and vegan ingredients. And so well priced for the quality. A must!


body balm all natural moisturiser for the whole body


Great stuff - Shave Balm 

By: Michael on 13 August 2018

This product is great! It’s very smooth and smells lovely. It’s also the only product I found that doesn’t leave my skin red and itchy after a shave. Highly recommended.



Product Review – Sports Balms

By: Momentum Massage & Sports Therapy on 21 August 2018

The Sports Balm is a hit with My Junior and Senior and Elite athletes helping with recovery and preparation for events Thanks Paul


rosemary for sports balm


Does exactly what it says! Sports Balm

By: Phillip on 13 August 2018

I play rack sports once a week and usually my muscles get quite tight afterwards. I use the Sports Pre-Post Herbal balm on targeted areas and it helps to soothe those aches and tensions very quickly. Very happy with the results and looking to try what other balms they have available. Thanks. Phillip


playing sports


Body Balm and Lip Balm - 

Renee  - ‘Hey Ally I love love love them! They come everywhere in my handbag as soon as I got off plane and home the lip balm was exactly what I needed to get over jet lag dryness and in this heat having the body balm is a godsend on hand! You seriously have a repeat customer here X’ 

 foot balm


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