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From seed to skin

From seed to skin  main image

Our Aim is Simple - 

Help you connect with the healing abilities of mother nature in a practical and ethical way every day! 



In line with our aim, here at Be Better Balms we follow the concept of FROM SEED TO SKIN. 


 herbs from the garden


We have a substantial herbal garden on our beautiful property on the Mornington Peninsula, where we grow many medicinal herbs including chickweed, Lavender, Chamomile,  Echinacea, Calendula, Aloe Vera, Comfrey, Borage, Basil, Rosemary, Mint and more. We follow the principles of permaculture gardening. 


raising seeds at home


These beautiful herbs are then - 


1. Hand harvested at the optimal time 


 harvesting calendula


2. Dehydrated


dehydrating herbs at home


3. Infused (hot or cold infusion)


infusing herbs cold infusion


Video above - This is how we do it Be Better Balms - this is hot oil infusion of lemon balm. We harvest the lemon balm from our property, dehydrate the fragrant leaves to ensure no mould forms in the final product, then we gently simmer sweet almond oil and the dehydrated lemon balm for 4 hours (hot infusion). This video shows the stage where we strain the infused lemon balm oil. The beautiful green infused oil is now ready to be used to make our Coco-mint lip balm. 

We use the infused herbal oils as the main ingredient in all the balms and combine them with other natural ingredients including coconut oil, cocoa butter, candelilla wax and Arnica oil to handcraft our range of Vegan, all Natural Herbal Balms - Be Better Balms. 




All the products are handmade by us at our property on the Mornington Peninsula in our artisan lab. 

All our products are vegan and 100% natural - read more 


 love living on the mornington peninsula


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