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How to prepare freshly picked olives

today’s blog, it’s all about OLIVES!

We have plenty of olive trees here on our beautiful property in Mornington Peninsula where we grow and make our range of herbal balms.

Olives are just the best! Funny enough, olives are actually related to mangoes and almonds! Olive trees are among the oldest known cultivated trees in the world. The have originated in the Mediterranean about 6000 years ago! Olives have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs and some of the olive trees found on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem are said to be over 2000 years old.  

In Greek Mythology, olives were brought to the Greeks as a gift from the goddess Athena. Athena planted the first olive tree on the Acropolis and some people still believe the olive trees that grow there still come from the original one….

Why are olives good for you? Olives are packed with vitamin E, Oleic acid (which is a healthy fat) and antioxidants. Studies show that olives are very good for your heart, your bones and general well being. Olives are also great for your skin, boosting your skin cells with antioxidants and healthy fats to keep it healthy and hydrated.

So how do we prepare olives so we can eat them?

With the help of my faithful assistant, my daughter we set out to prepare the ultimate olives!


olives handmade

How to brine Olives?

Firstly, collect the olives – around Autumn is probably the best time, when the olives change colour.

Wash the olives thoroughly.

Recipe - how to brine olives:

1kg Olives

50g Salt

1 Lemon, cut to cubes

1 Garlic clove

½ cup olive oil

1. Using a kitchen hammer (mallet), gently crack the olives. This will speed up the process of brining. Otherwise, it will take months and months…


place the olives in the jar


2. Place the olives in a large jar and cover the olives with water.



cracking the olives


3. Replace the water every day for one week.

4. On the 7th day, replace the water for the last time and add the salt, lemon, garlic and olive oil


leave the olives for a month


5. Make sure the jar is closed, and leave it for one month in a light area around the house but not in direct sunlight. The olives should be ready within a month.

Tip – Don’t open the jar during that month – air will stop the brining process….

6. You can then store the olives in olive oil, vinegar or make a new brine and keep in cupboard. It should keep for about 6 months.

Enjoy!! And please feel free to comment, ask questions or share your experiences with us below!


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